CEP Progressive+ Calf Sleeves 2.0 Women’s Pink Size 3


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PROGRESSIVE+ CALF SLEEVES 2.0 If you want to enjoy the benefits of compression without giving up your favorite socks, these calf sleeves are the perfect solution for you! Designed with graduated compression for improved performance and recovery but without the foot. These sleeves will combine perfectly with your choice of short-cut socks. QUALITY CHARACTERISTICS: Comfortable top band for a perfect stay-put fit | Filament fiber for extreme durability FUNCTIONAL CHARACTERISTICS: Heat and moisture management | Breathable fabric | Combines perfectly with the short-cut socks | Antibacterial, odor-reducing silver ions | Breathable fabric BENEFITS: More energy, greater endurance and enhanced performance Reduced risk of injury Activates the flow of blood in the muscles to support blood circulation Less soreness thanks to reduced muscle vibration TARGET GROUP: Runners and triathletes - short and medium distances, all endurance and team sport athletes MATERIAL: 79% polyamide, 21% spandex