CPS TRS21 R-600 Anti-Spark/Explosion Recovery Pump


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The TRS21 Recovery Pump is a 2-Cylinder oilless compressor used to recirculate solvent through the system.

Increase processing speed and yield by using this recovery pump, which can also reclaim solvent to decrease recovery time to just minutes. The TRS21 is ignition proof and meets ANSI/ISA 12:12.1.


Recovery Rates: Vapor- 2.5lb/min, Liquid-12lb/min

Ignition Proof Construction ANSI/ISA 12:12.1

Power : 115 VAC, 60 Hz, 10 Amps

Power: 850 watts

Filtration: Internal 100 mesh Screen integrated into Suction Port

Weight : 24 LBS


Please note regular maintenance and replacement of seals is NOT covered under warranty as these are normal wear and tear items. Compressor Seals will require re-build after 200-240hrs of operation, depending on use.

CPS TRS21 R-600 Recovery Pump, 2 Cylinder Oil-Less Compressor