JoolTool Polishing Kit


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JOOLTOOL X Polishing Kit includes everything for See-thru Burnishing, Deburring, Polishing Metals as well as Light Grinding/Sprue-Removal. Uses Industrial-Grade 3M Abrasives and Professional Quality Felt and Compound. Replaces hand filing work and conventional bench grinders/buffers. Includes BONUS "Jooltool Rest" Patented Multi-Functional Tool Rest for Chisel and Drill Bit Sharpening. The tool uses discs, called Backpads with a See-Thru design that provides the user with a clear view of the workpiece for increased accuracy. The Backpads have fins that circulate air to keep the JoolTool and the workpiece cool, even when using maximum speed. The variable-speed motor can be adjusted between 500 and 5,000 RPM. The Backpad twists and locks onto the tool's spindle for a secure hold without requiring mounting hardware or tools. The 3M PSA (pressure-sensitive adhesive) abrasive discs adhere and lock to the Backpad for quick changes and ease of use. The Backpads do not require truing and will not deform with use. The JoolTool has a compact, durable aluminum and impact-resistant ABS body, and a hood that can be removed for additional clearance for working on larger items. The Jooltool has a retractable handle and can be undocked/detached from its base to allow freehand sanding and polishing of large objects and surfaces. It also can be mounted horizontally on its base for classic buffer-style finishing and polishing. A dust collection system can be attached to the hood's vacuum port for removal of dust and debris from the grinding area for safety and visibility. The JoolTool occupies less than one square foot on a tabletop or bench. Additional accessories (sold separately) are available for this tool that expand its use for professionals and hobbyists working in lapidary, jewelry making, woodworking, tool sharpening, and many other fields. Accessories in this kit include 3 See-Thru Backpads, 1 3M Cubitron ceramic abrasive disc, 1 See-Thru EXL Scotchbrite Scratch Eraser wheel, 1 See-Thru Felt polishing disc, 1 Cotton Buffing Wheel, 1 3M Radial Bristle Polishing Brush (1 Micron grade) and 1 oz. polishing compound bar, Instructional DVD and Power Cord.