Pace Soldering Station, ST50, IntelliHeat, Digital, TD-100


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IntelliHeat™ is the only thermal control system that can run both SensaTemp® and tip-heater cartridge technologies. SensaTemp's® unique heater design minimizes tip temperature overshoot, ensures temperature stability and creates a thermal reservoir you can access instantaneously. Tip replacement requires requires only tip change. Tip-heater cartridge technology has advanced electronics that provide instantaneous load sensing and on-demand power to quickly reflow solder joints, regardless of the mass of the application. Tip and heater are permanently coupled, ensuring all the heat generated is available for use by the tip. Whichever your preference, you now have a single power source that gives you complete flexibility on lead or lead-free operations. Features: IntelliHeat™ Control Technology °C/°F Temperature Scales Temperature Adjustment Lockout ESD grounding jack ESD Safe metal housing Stackable Can be mounted under workbench or shelf with optional bracket Improves quality, reduces costs and eliminates the maintenance and calibration hassles associated with other systems. The heavy-duty metal housing makes this system the ideal choice for the harshest environments and the sloped face of the front panel is a standard feature for ease of use. An optional mounting bracket is available to mount the system under a workbench or shelf, preserving precious bench top space. Packaged with the TD-100 ThermoDrive soldering iron. Tips sold separately. ST 50 with TD-100 ThermoDrive